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Wether you like to make t-shirts, vinyl decals, mugs, scrapbooking, these are great for crafters of all types

Get all 162 SVG Bundles (Over 3000 designs) currently available on our website. 
You can view all products included here https://crafthousesvg.com/collections/mini-svg-bundle


You'll get 7 zip files (18-24 SVG Bundles each) Each design comes in SVG, DXF, EPS, and PNG file format.

Bundles included: 

MB1-Blessed Family SVG Bundle
MB2-4th of July SVG Bundle
MB3-Camping SVG Bundle
MB4-Funny Quotes SVG Bundle
MB5-Teacher SVG Bundle
MB6-Fall SVG Bundle
MB7-Coffee SVG Bundle
MB8-Dad SVG Bundle
MB9-Easter SVG Bundle
MB10-Fun Quotes SVG Bundle
MB11-Football SVG Bundle
MB13-Gym SVG Bundle
MB14-Home SVG Bundle
MB15-Family SVG Bundle
MB16-Motivational Quotes SVG Bundle
MB17-Kid SVG Bundle
MB18-St Patricks Day SVG Bundle
MB19-Valentines Day SVG Bundle
MB20-Baby SVG Bundle
MB21-Christmas New Years SVG Bundle
MB22-Kitchen SVG Bundle
MB23-Mom Mum SVG Bundle
MB24-Graduation SVG Bundle
MB25-Pet SVG Bundle
MB26-Spring Summer SVG Bundle
MB27-Wedding SVG Bundle
MB28-Halloween SVG Bundle
MB29-Fall Autumn SVG Bundle
MB30-Tea SVG Bundle
MB31-Back to School SVG Bundle
MB32-Funny Bathroom SVG Bundle
MB33-Mermaid SVG Bundle
MB34-Mom Boss SVG Bundle
MB35-Black Friday SVG Bundle
MB36-Christmas Sign SVG Bundle
MB37-Kid Christmas Shirt SVG Bundle
MB38-Thanksgiving Shirt SVG Bundle
MB39-Thanksgiving Sign SVG Bundle
MB40-Christmas Monogram Frame SVG Bundle
MB41-Unicorn SVG Bundle
MB42-Cute Christmas Animal SVG Bundle
MB43-Valentines Day SVG Bundle
MB44-Workout Shirt SVG Bundle
MB45-St Patricks Day SVG Bundle
MB46-Easter SVG Bundle
MB47-Wine SVG Bundle
MB48-Summer SVG Bundle
MB49-Doormat SVG Bundle
MB50-Dad SVG Bundle
MB51-Motivational SVG Bundle
MB52-Mothers Day SVG Bundle
MB53-Baby SVG Bundle
MB54-Mom Mum Shirt Design SVG Bundle
MB55-4th of July SVG Bundle
MB56-Christmas SVG Bundle
MB57-Fall SVG Bundle
MB58-Thanksgiving SVG Bundle
MB59-Halloween SVG Bundle
MB60-Rustic Sign SVG Bundle
MB61-Sassy Quotes SVG Bundle
MB62-Dog Quotes SVG Bundle
MB63-Teacher Valentine SVG Bundle
MB64-Valentines Day Bundle
MB65-Coffee SVG Bundle
MB66-Easter SVG Bundle
MB67-Camping SVG Bundle
MB68-Farm SVG Bundle
MB69-Nurse SVG Bundle
MB70-Positive Quotes SVG Bundle
MB71-Country Girl SVG Bundle
MB72-Funny Quotes SVG Bundle
MB73-Farmhouse Monogram Frame SVG Bundle
MB74-Mandala SVG Bundle
MB75-Quarantine SVG Bundle
MB76-Western SVG Bundle
MB77-Essential Workers SVG Bundle
MB78-Fishing SVG Bundle
MB80-Mommy and Me SVG Bundle
MB81-DAD Hobbies SVG Bundle
MB82-Graduation 2020 SVG Bundle
MB83-Family SVG Bundle
MB84-Autism SVG Bundle
MB85-Wine Quotes SVG Bundle
MB87-Car SVG Bundle
MB89-Family Monogram Name Sign SVG Bundle
MB90-Christmas Tree Quotes SVG Bundle
MB91-Valentines Day SVG Bundle
MB92-Valentine Gnome SVG Bundle
MB94-Easter SVG Bundle
MB99 4th of July Vertical Porch Sign SVG Bundle
MB100-Wildflower Bouquet SVG Bundle
MB101-Flowers SVG Bundle
MB105-Funny Kitchen Quotes SVG Bundle
MB106-Easter Bunny SVG Bundle
MB108-Wildflower SVG Bundle
MB109-Sunflower SVG Bundle
MB110-Teacher SVG Bundle
MB111-3D Car Motorcycle Truck SVG Bundle
MB112-Heart Floral Frame SVG Bundle
MB113-Double Frames SVG Bundle
MB114-Fall SVG Bundle
MB115-Back to School SVG Bundle
MB116-Back to School Rainbow SVG Bundle
MB117-Halloween SVG Bundle
MB118-Football SVG Bundle
MB119-Fall Porch Sign SVG Bundle
MB120-Christmas Round Sign SVG Bundle
MB122 Vintage Halloween SVG Bundle
MB124-Halloween SVG Bundle
MB126-Christmas Ornament SVG Bundle
MB127-Fall Autumn Wrap SVG Bundle
MB128-Christmas Tree SVG Bundle
MB129-Christmas Gnome SVG Bundle
MB130-Christmas Wreaths SVG Bundle
MB131-Christmas Pot Holder SVG Bundle
MB132-Christmas Round Signs SVG Bundle
MB133-Valentines Day SVG Bundle
MB134-Dog Faces SVG Bundle
MB135-Kids Valentine SVG Bundle
MB136-Conversation Hearts SVG Bundle
MB137-Sport Hearts SVG Bundle
MB138-Easter Sign SVG Bundle
MB139-Family Monogram SVG Bundle
MB140-Boho Baby SVG Bundle
MB141-Kitchen SVG Bundle
MB142-Inspirational SVG Bundle
MB143-Moms Mug SVG Bundle
MB144-Bee SVG Bundle
MB145-Sarcastic SVG Bundle
MB146-Bee Quotes SVG Bundle
MB147-Bee Pregnancy Announcement Bundle
MB148-Divider SVG Bundle
MB149-Bee SVG Bundle
MB150 Bee Sunflower Quotes SVG Bundle
MB151-Grandparents SVG Bundle
MB152-Mental Health Awareness SVG Bundle
MB153-Bow SVG Bundle
MB154 Skull Halloween SVG Bundle
MB155 Soccer Football Name Template SVG Bundle
MB156 Soccer Football SVG Bundle
MB157 Round Fall Sign SVG Bundle
MB158 Halloween Shirt SVG Bundle
MB159 Retro Halloween SVG Bundle
MB160 Round Halloween Signs Bundle
MB161-Santa Claus
MB162-Layered Butterfly SVG Bundle
MB163 Thanksgiving Round Sign SVG Bundle
MB164 Christmas Vertical Sign Bundle
MB165 Snowman Faces Bundle
MB167 Gift Tags SVG Bundle
MB168 Cat Dog Valentine Puns SVG Bundle
MB169 Kitchen Cutting Board SVG Bundle
MB171 EMT Paramedic SVG Bundle
MB173 St Patricks Day Round Sign SVG Bundle
MB174 Easter Round Sign SVG Bundle
MB175 4th of July SVG Bundle
MB176 Graduation Cap SVG Bundle
MB177 Dad Silhouette SVG Bundle
MB178 Dad SVG Bundle
MB179 Dad Shirt Design SVG Bundle
MB180 Dad SVG Bundle


All designs are available for commercial use without an extended license!  Please see more details on our license here https://crafthousesvg.com/pages/licenses.
Reselling our digital designs in a digital download form is not allowed.

Please note, this listing does not include future releases. Only SVG Bundles available on our website at the time of purchase will be added to your account.

If you'd like to get access to ALL of our products including SVG Bundles, Sublimation Bundles, Sticker Designs, PLUS new products we release weekly you can purchase our Entire Site Access here https://crafthousesvg.com/products/entire-site-access

This license is effective on all sales and downloads made on our website. Purchases made before December 4, 2018 are licensed under the older version herePlease keep your receipt for future reference.

Personal Use

  • You are allowed to use our designs on personal projects with no credits required. 
  • You are not allowed to distribute our designs, including
    - reselling
    - re-licensing
    - redistributing
    - giving for free

    - uploading the files somewhere else for others to download


    - or using our files as part of a giveaway.
  • You are not allowed to use our images for unlawful use. You may not use content in a pornographic, defamatory or other unlawful manner.

Commercial Use

Physical End Product for Sale

You are allowed to use our designs on physical end products you make for sale. Example for physical products are shirts, mugs, signs, prints, stickers, and more. The physical end products for sale can be sold worldwide and be sold for an unlimited number of times. Third party sale or wholesale is not allowed.

Digital End Products for Sale

Digital Printables

You can use our artwork commercially to create digital printable files for sale. Files must be sold as flattened JPEG or PDF files. You must add a background or images of your own design (or images you have the right to use commercially) along with our design. All other digital creations are allowed as long as graphics are flattened and enough of your design is added to make it a new original design. You cannot simply paste our images on a white page and sell the design as-is as this allows customers to simply copy and paste in any program and have access to our original art. Your end products must not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with our original item that you purchased. 

Logo Designers

You are not allowed to use any of our artwork as/as a part of a logo design or a brand symbol. Our commercial license gives you the non-exclusive rights to use our artwork meaning other parties may use the same item as well. You cannot register the item you purchased as a trademark or a copyright as the ownership of the items belong solely to us.

Embroidery Digitizers

You are allowed to use our designs personally and/or commercially as long as the file is a digital embroidery file. A link back to us is not required. You may not include any of our original files in your download.

SVG Cutting File Designers

You are allowed to use our designs from 'Graphic Bundle' section to create cutting files for sale as long as the graphic is not the main element of your work. You must combine our artwork with enough of your own work to make it a new original design.

Print-on-Demand (POD)

You may use our designs on POD sites for sale as long as enough of other design elements (like background, text, watercolor texture, etc) are added to make it a new design. You cannot simply upload our original designs on POD sites and sell the design as-is without adding your own work to it. You must combine our artwork with enough of your own work to make it a new original design.

What's not allowed?

  • You cannot sell our graphics "as-is" or make only small changes and resell the designs
  • You cannot ungroup our designs and sell each element individually.
  • You cannot sell, trade, share our designs as-is.
  • You cannot share our files for free even if it is personal use.
  • You cannot convert our designs to different formats and sell them as-is (except Embroidery designs).
  • You cannot trademark or copyright our work or claim it as your own.
  • You cannot use our designs as a logo for your business or in a logo design.
  • Third-party sale or wholesale is not allowed.
  • You cannot use our images for unlawful Use. You may not use content in a pornographic, defamatory or other unlawful manner. 

All of our products are licensed, not sold. When purchasing a file, You are granted the non-exclusive rights to use the file(s) as defined in this license. All rights not specifically granted are reserved by Craft House SVG. 


Trademark Phrases 
We try very hard to make sure all of the quotes and sayings we use in our designs are not trademarked. Due to the nature of the business and new sayings being trademarked everyday. Sometimes the phrases we use that wasn't trademarked when we listed them up for sale has become trademarked. It is your responsibility to re-check the phrases yourself and make sure you are in compliance with trademark laws.


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